Black as Night by J.C. Andrijeski

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He says he will break anything you try to keep pure, brother…”

Forensic psychologist Miri Fox travels across the globe when her now-employer, psychic detective, Quentin Black, calls from a police station in Bangkok and asks for her help. She arrives to find Black undercover inside a gang of local criminals, determined to discover which of them is killing street children and ritualistically burning their bodies inside Buddhist shrines.

But Black isn’t the only one with an interest in the crimes, and soon his investigations get the attention of the local sex traffickers, along with a crime syndicate out of Russia that doesn’t appreciate his meddling one bit. When Miri shows up to help, she manages to catch the attention of all the wrong people. Events quickly spiral out of control…until Miri soon finds herself the hunted.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. PROLOGUE: Buddha
  • 3. ONE: Phone Call
  • 4. TWO: Following Orders
  • 5. THREE: Separation Anxiety
  • 6. FOUR: Fire and Water
  • 7. FIVE: Mr. Bouros
  • 8. SIX: Change of Plans
  • 9. SEVEN: Lawless
  • 10. EIGHT: Mine
  • 11. NINE: Solonik
  • 12. TEN: No More Miriam
  • 13. ELEVEN: Under Lock and Key
  • 14. TWELVE: Family
  • 15. THIRTEEN: Code Red
  • 16. FOURTEEN: Hunting
  • 17. FIFTEEN: Convergence
  • 18. SIXTEEN: Outmatched
  • 19. SEVENTEEN: City of Angels
  • 20. BONUS PAGES! Excerpt from BLACK ON BLACK (Quentin Black Mystery #3)
  • 21. ONE: Something Bad Is Coming
  • 23. CREDITS
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