Billionaire’s Fake Marriage by Claire Angel

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Drooling over a married man, is a bad idea.
I know but I can’t help that. It is even worst faking a marriage with him. But I can’t help that too…
I was self-obsessed and I loved myself.
I was enjoying all the money I had earned in all these years.
And I didn’t need a man to make me happy.
That was until I met a silly accident and rescued by him.
He took my heart in return.
And I ended up sleeping with most intimidating billionaire.
He was handsome, intriguing, and wholesomely smouldering.
I knew sleeping with him was a mistake…
And I was not going to repeat that.
But the second time I met him; he was a complete different man.
I knew that he had a heart of gold underneath that rugged exterior.
He rescued me one day and now I decided to rescue him.
But… then I ended up sleeping with him again.
I could save him by marrying him, but that was not going to be easy.
I would be sharing the house with him.
And I need to keep my heart safe from this gorgeous billionaire,
Because I was falling for him already.
How I will manage to stay away? And what will happen when a broken billionaire and a sassy millionaire come together?

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  • Original Title:Billionaire's Fake Marriage: A Billionaire Romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. Billionaire’s Fake Marriage: A Billionaire Romance
  • 2. Chapter 1
  • 3. Chapter 2
  • 4. Chapter 3
  • 5. Chapter 4
  • 6. Chapter 5
  • 7. Chapter 6
  • 8. Chapter 7
  • 9. Chapter 8
  • 10. Chapter 9
  • 11. Chapter 10
  • 12. Chapter 11
  • 13. Chapter 12
  • 14. Chapter 13
  • 15. Chapter 14
  • 16. Chapter 15
  • 17. Epilogue
  • 18. More Books by Claire Angel!
  • 19. How to connect with me!
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Ms Anonymous
Ms Anonymous

I really enjoyed reading it. The story and the characters were lovely.

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