Betrothed to You by Molly Sloan

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He’s the Tech billionaire who’s sexy as hell with eight pack abs and my boss’s best friend. He’s also the one night stand I’ve tried to forget. Now he wants me to travel halfway around the world with him to take photographs for a project he’s building. He’s promised it’s just business. He loves my work, he says.

I’m a single mother of a daughter on the spectrum. I have an amazing job, terrific friends and a great life! I am just fine without a man like Michael Davis.

But when gets me in a Tokyo elevator, he leans in so I can smell his spicy cologne and feel his hot breath on my neck. He tells me in his husky voice, “I remember the last time we were in an elevator together, it’s not a night I will ever forget.”

I took this job to pay for my little girl’s braces, it had nothing to do with my heart, or my body. I CAN totally ignore his blonde hair, clear blue eyes, amazing abs and rakish grin. Can’t I?

So why is it I want us to join the mile-high club?

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  • Original Title:Betrothed to You: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Table of Contents
  • 4. Chapter One: Dreams
  • 5. Chapter Two: The Best Laid Plans
  • 6. Chapter Three: A Little Yelp from our Friends
  • 7. Chapter Four: The Love of a Good Woman
  • 8. Chapter Five: Players Gotta Play
  • 9. Chapter Six: Small World
  • 10. Chapter Seven: Girl Talk
  • 11. Chapter Eight: Ancient History
  • 12. Chapter Nine: Unforgettable
  • 13. Chapter Ten: The Truth about Money
  • 14. Chapter Eleven: Assumptions
  • 15. Chapter Twelve: Clearing the Air
  • 16. Chapter Thirteen: Hot Water
  • 17. Chapter Fourteen: Photo Finish
  • 18. Chapter Fifteen: Cherries Aren’t The Only Things That Blossom In Japan
  • 19. Chapter Sixteen: Kanpai
  • 20. Chapter Seventeen: Mile High
  • 21. Chapter Eighteen: Pun and Games
  • 22. Chapter Nineteen: Surprise Party
  • 23. Chapter Twenty: Sucker Punched
  • 24. Chapter Twenty-One: A Keeper
  • 25. Chapter Twenty-Two: Family Honor
  • 26. Chapter Twenty-Three: The Family Tree
  • 27. Chapter Twenty-Four: Turbulence
  • 28. Epilogue
  • 29. Also by Molly Sloan
  • 30. About the Author

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