Best Shot by Camellia Tate

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Everyone in the world carries their soulmate’s name written on their skin. Thea and Doe are best friends who would never fall out over a man. With Doe’s soulmark reading ‘Blake’ and Thea’s being ‘Frederick’, this has never been a problem they thought they might encounter.
Enter Blake Ashbury. Thea is the first to meet the gorgeous hockey player but as soon as she finds out he might be Doe’s Blake, she takes her best shot at getting the two of them to hit it off. It doesn’t matter that Thea’s the one who loves Blake’s jokes, or that his dimples make her want to keep causing his smiles forever. Doe and Blake are meant to be together, so Thea will back off. At least that’s the plan.
Blake never expected meeting his soulmate to be so complicated. Doe is lovely. She’s everything Blake thought he wanted in a girlfriend. He can’t explain why he keeps getting drawn into conversations with Thea instead.
Thea and Blake aren’t meant to be together, so why is it so hard to keep the chemistry between them down? The longer they spend together, the harder it becomes to remember that they need to keep their distance!

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