Bad Boy Billionaire by Jeana E. Mann,‎ et al

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A billionaire proposes to a barista to get an image makeover before he loses his company and fortune along with it. A secret masquerade hookup leads to complications with a new boss. A tattooed billionaire rocks a woman’s world and the bad boy’s desires threaten to scare her back to her humdrum single life. A rich banker fights for a traffic cop’s body and soul. These stories and many more are included in this steamy, hot collection.

Authos: Jeana E. Mann,‎ Julia Bright,‎ Nicole Morgan,‎ Peter Presley,‎ Elise Faber,‎ ‎ Annie Young,‎ Chiah Wilder,‎ Tricia Barr,‎ Maggie Carpenter,‎ Amelia Wilde,‎ Emma Calin,‎ Aspen Drake,‎ Megyn Ward,‎ Angela Kulig,‎ N. Isabelle Blanco,‎ Kim Carmichael and‎ Brynn Paulin

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  • Original Title:Bad Boy Billionaire Boxset: A Billionaire Romance Collection
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