An Unexpected Guest by Heather Graham

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Krewe Special Agent Jon Dickson and Kylie Connolly met under tough circumstances, but despite that, they discovered it seemed they were meant to be.
Now, moved into a condo in the D.C. area—easy shots for Jon getting to the Krewe offices and Kylie getting to Adam Harrison’s newly founded museum—they’re about to spend their first Thanksgiving together alone, sorry they won’t be with family, but happy to be together.
But an old friend from the academy calls Jon. He and his bride have just bought an historic house in Plymouth, Mass, but odd things are happening.
There’s a killer on the loose, and the old house abounds with ghost stories and the truth of what is happening must be discovered if Evan and Julie are going to stay in the dream home into which they had just invested all they had.
Thanksgiving is just a day away . . .
Jon doubts anything can be solved so quickly, even when he’s given special assistance from the dead.
But the first Thanksgiving did take place in Plymouth . . .
And they just might make discoveries that allow them to see just how very thankful they are.

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