Alpha’s Temptation by Renee Rose, Lee Savino


Mine to protect. Mine to punish. Mine.

I’m a lone wolf, and I like it that way. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate.
Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. We’re trapped in an elevator together, and her panic almost makes her pass out in my arms. She’s strong, but broken. And she’s hiding something.
My wolf wants to claim her. But she’s human, and her delicate flesh won’t survive a wolf’s mark.
I’m too dangerous. I should stay away. But when I discover she’s the hacker who nearly took down my company, I demand she submit to my punishment. And she will.

Kylie belongs to me.

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  • Original TitleAlpha's Temptation: A Billionaire Werewolf Romance (Bad Boy Alphas Book 1)
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Dayla Whitmore
Dayla Whitmore · 8 months ago

Oh. My. Fates. Best. Alpha Novel. Ever.

Lady Shiraz
Lady Shiraz · 8 months ago

oh please, she was so hung up about his mistake but she wanted him to believe her right away when she was at fault, dimwit much?!

Moon Tears
Moon Tears · 8 months ago

@Lasy Shiraz RIGHT?! How come in these novels when a woman makes a mistake it's automatically forgiven on the spot, but when a man makes a mistake he better give up his soul to make things right. Fck that. How can you expect forgiveness when you can't forgive. She's crazy.

Moon Tears
Moon Tears · 8 months ago

No shade at the author though, if you can make me that invested in a book, you are a master.

Lady Shiraz
Lady Shiraz · 8 months ago

@moon tears yes, thank you! (cant stand when women mcs being written this way too mostly) and you're right too, being invested in the story that it really bothered me ^_^

Atim Peace
Atim Peace · 11 days ago

You should keep writing.....talent wasted is a bummer!,

Atim Peace
Atim Peace · 11 days ago


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