Alpha’s Solace by Hawke Oakley

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Omega Mason doesn’t trust alphas. Any of them. Not after the abuse he’s suffered at Scarlet Ridge pack. When he’s given the chance to escape, he takes it – only to find himself in stuck in an animal trap set by an alpha named Jericho from Indigo Mountain pack. After letting Jericho frees him and takes him home, Mason is irritated and just wants to run. But with a baby growing in his belly, Mason figures his best bet is to milk Jericho for all he’s worth before leaving Indigo Mountain – and alphas – once and for all.

The problem? Mason’s hit by a rare double heat, making him fertile even while pregnant. And it’s only during this time that he realizes Jericho carries the magical scent of his fated mate.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Alpha’s Solace (Indigo Mountain Pack Book 2)
  • 2. Chapter 1: Mason
  • 3. Chapter 2: Jericho
  • 4. Chapter 3: Mason
  • 5. Chapter 4: Jericho
  • 6. Chapter 5: Mason
  • 7. Chapter 6: Jericho
  • 8. Chapter 7: Mason
  • 9. Chapter 8: Jericho
  • 10. Chapter 9: Mason
  • 11. Chapter 10: Jericho
  • 12. Epilogue

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