Alpha Wolf’s Nanny by Alicia Banks

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With one temp job placement, the lives of two people changed forever.

I was just looking for a second job for a little extra money.
I was recommended by a temp service, to work as a nanny for a billionaire that lived on the outskirts of the city.
It paid well, and sounded like a dream job.
Kids and me got along pretty well.
It sounded perfect.
I didn’t know what I was getting into at first, but quickly realized that I may be in over my head.
Annalise’s father was a very handsome man, maybe too sexy for his own good.
His attraction was noted and returned.
Tall, heavily-muscled, with green eyes that made promises that couldn’t possibly be kept.
I kept a level head, knowing that mixing business with pleasure was a bad idea.
A very bad idea.
To be fair though, I never said I was above mistakes.
I planned to make some with Frank, repeatedly.
As long as I could keep my secret under wraps.

It all started so innocent.
One minute I was hiring a nanny for my daughter while I was away on business.
The next, I am falling for a mysterious woman I know nothing about.
I suck at love, but I want her so badly.
Tinkling laugh that makes me smile, and curves in all the right places.
I need her and it doesn’t matter what she is.
What she’s done…
All that matters is the feel of her body against mine.
Her lips.
In the end, I will go through anyone that wants to stop us.
I don’t care what traditions are and what the elders say, Amber will be mine.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Alpha Wolf’s Nanny: A Wolf Shifter Romance
  • 3. Chapter 1
  • 4. Chapter 2
  • 5. Chapter 3
  • 6. Chapter 4
  • 7. Chapter 5
  • 8. Chapter 6
  • 9. Chapter 7
  • 10. Chapter 8
  • 11. Chapter 9
  • 12. Chapter 10
  • 13. Chapter 11
  • 14. Chapter 12
  • 15. Chapter 13
  • 16. Chapter 14
  • 17. Chapter 15
  • 18. Chapter 16
  • 19. Chapter 17
  • 20. Chapter 18
  • 21. Chapter 19
  • 22. Chapter 20
  • 23. Chapter 21
  • 24. Epilogue
  • 25. Author’s Note
  • 26. Preview: Elite Dragons and Mates
  • 27. How to Connect
  • 28. Books In This Series
  • 29. Books By This Author

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