Alpha by Sara Fields

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He’s not an alpha. He’s the alpha. And he’s going to breed me.

I used to believe beasts like him were nothing but legends and folklore. Then he came for me.
He is no mere alpha wolf. He is the fearsome expression of the virility of the Earth itself, come into the world for the first time in centuries to claim a human female fated to be his mate.
That human female is me.

When I ran, he caught me. When I fought him, he punished me.
I begged for mercy, but mercy isn’t what he has in mind for me.
He’s going to force one brutal climax after another from my naked, quivering body until my throat is sore from screaming and he’s not going to stop until he is certain I know I am his.
Then he’s going to breed me.

Publisher’s Note: Alpha includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t read this book.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Chapter One
  • 4. Chapter Two
  • 5. Chapter Three
  • 6. Chapter Four
  • 7. Chapter Five
  • 8. Chapter Six
  • 9. Chapter Seven
  • 10. Chapter Eight
  • 11. Chapter Nine
  • 12. Chapter Ten
  • 13. Chapter Eleven
  • 14. More Stormy Night Books by Sara Fields
  • 15. Sara Fields Links
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sometimes i want to wrangle all the dom's neck . fucking hell . in this case it wasn't consensual . this dude forcefully spanked her . like bitch she just got to know fucking lycans exist and you are going to rape her , ofcourse shes motherfucking going to run . like who the fuck wouldnt?? and then you bloody spank her because shes using her brains? i am going to learn the art of going inside a story and wrangle your mf head off. All in all if you ever feel extremely horney and want to get yourself off , read this book .

Replya month ago