Against All Odds by Preston Walker

Alpha wolf Nashoba was simply going through the motions of life, dealing with all the stress that came with having a terminally ill father and no mate to turn to during this difficult time. He ran his coffee shop, hoping to work through the emotions on his own, isolating himself from his family. The position of alpha leader is being pushed upon him, but he’s not sure if he’s the right alpha for the job.

Loneliness slowly eats at him, until one day something feels terribly wrong. His unknown mate is in trouble.

Chase is trapped within a pack that uses omegas only for daily chores and breeding, an outcast in his own home town. He is forced to endure abuse by the hands of his father after his mother’s death, praying for some way to escape. Shouldn’t he be thankful that he’s even alive? He’s the only male omega to not be executed at birth for the last three decades, thanks only to his mother’s pleas for mercy. His heart wants something more, however. He wants to follow his dreams and live a live of freedom, not a life of oppression. Will he even be able to adjust to life outside of his pack?

Little do they know, they are destined mates and the fates are doing everything in their power to bring them together. Even though they are miles apart in different pack territories, what could the fates possibly do to get Chase out of lock down? What kind of struggles will they have to go through just to find one another? And lastly, what trouble does Chase end up in?

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