Addicted to Six by Kelly Kennedy

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Men. Women. I don’t discriminate.I’m happy to indulge in occasional thrills, but I’ve learned to steer clear of commitment. For now, it’s best for me to focus on my job at the publishing company, and how I can acquire new talent to impress my boss and work my way up the professional ladder.But the moment I walk into the gym for my first session with fitness trainer Jackson, everything changes. I know I want him and I think he wants me too, but he withholds information about his sexual preferences while firing me up with intense workouts.One minute he’s hot, the next he’s cold. It’s clear that Jackson doesn’t know what he wants. He’s a guy who isn’t ready to admit that he likes me.If he can’t be honest with himself, how can I expect him to be honest with me? I assume we can keep things casual – until I see him walk through the doors of my office, shaking hands with my boss and talking about a publishing deal…

I’ve met guys like Tyler before. Confident and cocky, he’s the kind of guy who gets what he wants. I just never thought that I’d be on the list of things he desired.I ignore his flirting, because I don’t want to admit to myself that I like it. Admitting it will only encourage him, and the last thing he needs is encouragement. He doesn’t need to know how my body reacts when he looks at me that way, or how badly I want him to get down on his knees and…I try to tell myself I’m not that guy.That these feelings aren’t really there. That I’m confused.But when I realize that his company is interested in acquiring the rights to my upcoming fitness book, the lines become even more blurred. Is this a coincidence, or has this been Tyler’s game plan all along?I can’t lie to myself anymore.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Epilogue
  • 2. Acknowledgments
  • 3. Tyler
  • 4. Jackson
  • 5. Mailing List
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