Ace by Faye Byrd

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Ace Carmichael owns a custom repair shop that’s been in his family for years. His business life is good. He’s at the point where he can pick and choose his clients based on which creations inspire him, but that’s where his inspiration ends.
Riding into his thirties, he’s gotten tired of one-night stands and meaningless hookups. If his troubled friend Rush can settle down with a girl, finding the right one must not be as hard as it seems—except it is.
One day, a blast from his past makes a sudden appearance, reigniting an old flame and making him think he can have it all.
Rowan Shaw is the beautiful adult version of the shy, sweet girl he spent a summer with fifteen years ago. She’s talented and focused and moving back to town after leaving him just before the start of the school year. Things kick off with a bang, and Ace can’t wait to see her again with visions of a future already dancing in his mind.
Things aren’t always as they seem, though, and the secret she’s hiding will destroy him—them.
Can he move past his anger and forgive her, or will it be too much to overcome?

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Table of Content

  • 1. CHAPTER ONE Blast From the Past
  • 2. CHAPTER TWO Catching Up
  • 4. CHAPTER FOUR Finally
  • 5. CHAPTER FIVE The Past is the Past
  • 6. CHAPTER SIX The Past is the Present
  • 7. CHAPTER SEVEN Mommy Issues
  • 8. CHAPTER EIGHT Sloshed
  • 9. CHAPTER NINE Not Today
  • 10. CHAPTER TEN Elderly Wisdom
  • 11. CHAPTER ELEVEN Therapy
  • 12. CHAPTER TWELVE Fourteen
  • 13. CHAPTER THIRTEEN Progress
  • 14. CHAPTER FOURTEEN Summer Heat
  • 16. CHAPTER SIXTEEN Epiphany
  • 17. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Whole Again
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