Accepting His Witch’s Sass by Dawn Sullivan

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He was sexy, broody, and hers, but that didn’t mean Aurora Lewellyn had to like it. A brief glimpse of the future was enough to show her that a mating between the two of them would never work. Not when Noah was unable to accept the part of her that was a witch, one she was unwilling to change, even if she could. She needed her magic. Her charges depended on her. Besides, the stubborn bear should love her for who she was, not what she was.
Noah Channing despised witches. When Fate gave him one as a mate, he knew it must be Her idea of a cruel joke. What had he done to deserve such a punishment? There was no way he could bond with the one thing he hated the most, even if she was a beautiful, feisty redhead who set his blood on fire.
When someone Aurora loves inadvertently brings danger to her door, she knows she will protect the ones she cares for at all costs, including sacrificing her own life in the process if needed. With this newfound threat, Noah begins to see his mate in a different light, but is it too late? Someone else has set their eyes on her, staking his claim. Which one will win?

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  • Original Title:Accepting His Witch’s Sass: Sassy Ever After (Sass and Growl Book 3)
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