A True Fit by Michele Notaro

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My life has been great the past few years and I have zero intention of screwing anything up. I’m certainly not going to let some guy ruin things for me, especially not my boss’s ex. But for some reason, every time I run into Declan, I become more and more intrigued by him. It’s like something keeps pulling me in his direction and no matter how hard I try, I can’t stop myself from seeking him out. Ugh. And the fact that he’s not a complete jerk isn’t helping matters at all.
Everyone around me is moving on with their lives and I’m just stuck: motionless, left utterly alone. After everything I’ve done, I don’t have many friends left, not that I can blame them. So when Trent decides to give me the chance to be a friend, I know I can’t screw it up. No matter how attractive and awesome and funny he is, I have to keep him strictly in the friend zone. Not that I’d want more, anyway, since I never do relationships. But it sure would make my life so much easier if he wasn’t so captivating all the time.

Trent and Declan form an unlikely friendship that they’re both desperate to keep. Afraid of damaging their newfound companionship, each is hesitant to make a move, even if they both feel the pull of attraction growing between them.

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