A Second Chance for Wolf Geek by Lisa Daniels

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I hate him for how he’s treated me over the years.
Caleb’s a hot werewolf shifter. Shame he’s not so hot for me. We were betrothed, once.
Right before he chose to break up with me and break my heart.
We both go to the same academy now. He’s from a proud werewolf bloodline, and I’m the outcast in mine. Feels like I’m cursed – I can’t transform. It brings shame to a family of werewolves that can.
He’s changed since then. He needs someone to go on a fake date with, and he’s willing to pay money for it.
I’m more than willing to be paid for it. We’re bound to each other… for now. He hopes to be able to break away from his father, who’s a member of the feared school council. He hopes to use me for this.
And who knows? Maybe I won’t end up hating him so much after all…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue - Caleb
  • 2. Chapter One - Ivory
  • 3. Chapter Two – Caleb
  • 4. Chapter Three – Ivory
  • 5. Chapter Four – Caleb
  • 6. Chapter Five – Ivory
  • 7. Chapter Six – Caleb
  • 8. Chapter Seven – Ivory
  • 9. Chapter Eight – Caleb
  • 10. Chapter Nine – Ivory
  • 11. Chapter Ten – Caleb

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