A Proper Lord’s Wife by Annabel Joseph

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Lord Townsend’s been skulking about France for weeks, having fled London with a broken heart. Why’d he have to lose the love of his life, the beautiful Lady Ophelia? And to his damned best friend? If he can’t have Ophelia, he’ll have vengeance. He vows retribution upon Lord Wescott and returns from France with a solid plan.

A solid plan that swiftly goes awry.

Lady Jane McConall is minding her business—and her small winter garden—when she learns she’s to wed the devastatingly handsome Marquess of Townsend. Goodness, who on earth would refuse? She vows to be the very best wife to this dark, mysterious man, to make him love her even though they’re little more than strangers. She doesn’t realize yet that her prospective husband nurtures a long-standing affinity for order and discipline.

Nor does she realize a plot is afoot, a plot that will come undone at the worst possible time…

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  • Original Title:A Proper Lord's Wife (Properly Spanked Legacy Book 2)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Table of Contents
  • 4. A Guide to the Properly Spanked Families
  • 5. Chapter One: Revenge
  • 6. Chapter Two: Such a Prospect
  • 7. Chapter Three: A Walk in the Gardens
  • 8. Chapter Four: How Lovely
  • 9. Chapter Five: Setting Expectations
  • 10. Chapter Six: Customary Intimacies
  • 11. Chapter Seven: Joined As One
  • 12. Chapter Eight: Lessons
  • 13. Chapter Nine: Loving and Wanting
  • 14. Chapter Ten: Waltzing
  • 15. Chapter Eleven: Starting to Understand
  • 16. Chapter Twelve: Business to Address
  • 17. Chapter Thirteen: Princess Felicity
  • 18. Chapter Fourteen: Honor, Honesty, and Truth
  • 19. Chapter Fifteen: Terribly Unfortunate
  • 20. Chapter Sixteen: Space to Breathe
  • 21. Chapter Seventeen: Forgiveness
  • 22. Chapter Eighteen: Naturalists
  • 23. Chapter Nineteen: Something Important
  • 24. A Final Note
  • 25. The Original Properly Spanked Series
  • 26. You May Also Enjoy…
  • 27. About the Author
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