A Little Love by Pandora Pine

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After his sister’s tragic death, elementary school principal Remington James is left to raise his five-year-old niece, Gemma, who suffers from a minor speech impediment. Unfortunately, the best speech pathologist in New England also happens to be the man who broke his heart, Rem’s ex-boyfriend, Declan.
Speech pathologist Declan O’Toole is brought in to Little Wonders Montessori School to work with Gemma on her speech issue. Declan lives with the regret of letting Remington walk out of his life two years ago, and he hopes his time spent helping Rem’s niece might repair some of the past damage to their relationship.
Drawn together by their mutual desire to help Gemma, both men can’t help but wonder what might have been. Gemma resents Rem’s new place in her life but absolutely adores Declan. The men band together to help Gemma settle into her new life, all the while, fighting the simmering attraction pulling them back toward each other.
Will Remington and Declan find a way to come back together and be the fathers Gemma so desperately needs, or will their stubbornness keep them from the happiness they all deserve?

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