A Little Christmas Conflict by Rachel A. Andersen

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Gillian can’t imagine turning down the honored position as the maid of honor at her friend’s Christmas wedding…until she finds out who the best man will be.

Gillian Montgomery has a lot going on. Recently promoted as an executive in a small full-service publishing house in downtown Kansas City, she’s drowning in projects. Still, nothing will keep her from being there for her friend, Cindy, when she’s asked to be the maid of honor. Unfortunately, Gillian has a complicated history with the best man. Complicated enough that this wedding might not go off without a hitch.

Peter Wellington is back in Kansas City one year after his first visit. This time to stay. Anxious to find Gillian, apologize for his abrupt departure, and resume their fledgling relationship, Peter jumps at the chance to be best man at Cindy and Richard’s wedding. He’s ready for every possibility…until Gillian’s frostiness threatens the wedding they’re supposed to be supporting.

How will Peter and Gillian find their way back to love as they work together to pull off the Christmas wedding of their friends’ dreams?

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  • Original Title:A Little Christmas Conflict: A Sweet, Contemporary Wedding Romance (Need a Little Christmas Book 2)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. A Little Christmas Conflict (Need a Little Christmas, #2)
  • 3. Books by Rachel A. Andersen
  • 4. A Little Christmas Conflict
  • 5. Chapter One
  • 6. Chapter Two
  • 7. Chapter Three
  • 8. Chapter Four
  • 9. Chapter Five
  • 10. Chapter Six
  • 11. Chapter Seven
  • 12. Chapter Eight
  • 13. Chapter Nine
  • 14. Chapter Ten
  • 15. Chapter Eleven
  • 16. Chapter Twelve
  • 17. Chapter Thirteen
  • 18. Epilogue
  • 19. Acknowledgments
  • 20. About the Author
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