A Little Bit Broken by Michele Notaro

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I have felt alone in this world for a long time, so when new friends come into my life, I’m always afraid to let them get too close. I don’t know if I can risk my heart breaking when those people inevitably leave me. But I’m overwhelmed too. Overwhelmed and so incredibly lonely.

Unfortunately, my past has a way of finding me and I’m going to need some help at the coffee shop I own. But it’s hard to find someone you can trust with only three applicants, one of which happens to be an ex-con. My prospects aren’t looking very good.
When help comes from an unlikely source, will Harley’s past come back to haunt him? Will he let the surprising new friendship he’s found grow into something more, or will he let his rocky past hold him back on the things he needs most; friendship and love?

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  • Original Title:A Little Bit Broken: Finding My Forever Book 2
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