A Horribly Haunted Halloween by Heather Graham

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Halloween is approaching

And while it might be different this year, many homes are lavishly decorated. Jackson Crow thinks it’s fine that his adopted son, Corby, takes a walk down the street to see some of the ghoulish displays.
Except Corby hurries back to him. One “creature” isn’t—or wasn’t—a creature at all. The bizarre costuming covers someone once real—a human corpse.
He and his wife and partner, Special Agent Angela Hawkins, must join with the local police, other Krewe members, and all law enforcement. Victimology sends them on the hunt for a killer who is out for revenge—and using the holiday for his own ends.
It’s a race against time for them as they seek out the man who is dead-set on his vengeance—lest he turn Halloween into an end-game that will turn the holiday night into a display of pure evil. It’s All Hallows’ Eve—and on such a night, there just might be a little help from the dead.

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