A Great Catch by Rocklyn Ryder

“You wanna tell me why paid all that money to a match maker to find you a husband you don’t wanna f*ck?”

They say good girl should save herself till she finds a great catch, but guys my age want a woman who knows what she’s doing.
A modern day take on an arranged marriage seems like it might solve my problem.
Except Redd’s nothing like the clean cut, professional man I always envisioned myself with. He’s a rugged cattle rancher with mud on his boots and dirt under his nails. He’s older than me too, and I’m worried he’ll be turned off my lack of experience.
I thought maybe it would be for the best if I didn’t mention the unpunched V-card to the man I’m supposed to marry. I know I should have fessed up before we got carried away but a man like Redd isn’t going to want a wife that he has to teach everything to.

I always did want to raise a bunch of kids with a good woman at my side, but the right girl never showed up. I ain’t getting any younger and I’m done waitin’.
So I hired myself a legitimate modern day marriage broker and gave her a ton of money to find me a wife.
When Olivia shows up with her sunshine blonde hair, those meadow green eyes, and all them curves pouring over her body, I gotta admit she’s a might prettier than I was expecting and a lot younger.
She ain’t so young that I was expecting her to be as innocent as she looks though, and now she’s worried I’m going to turn her away like all them young fools she’s been going out with.
My Olivia’s right about one thing, I am experienced. But there’s something to be said for getting started with someone who already knows a thing or two and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love knowin’ all Olivia’s firsts belong to me.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Untitled
  • 2. Untitled
  • 3. A Great Catch
  • 4. Olivia
  • 5. Olivia
  • 6. Redd
  • 7. Olivia
  • 8. Redd
  • 9. Olivia
  • 10. Redd
  • 11. Olivia
  • 12. Redd
  • 13. Olivia
  • 14. Redd
  • 15. Olivia
  • 16. Redd
  • 17. Olivia
  • 18. Redd
  • 19. Olivia
  • 20. Redd
  • 21. Olivia
  • 22. Olivia
  • 23. Redd
  • 24. Thank for Reading!
  • 25. From Rocklyn:
  • 26. Also by Rocklyn Ryder
  • 27. Excerpt from A Perfect Gentleman
  • 28. Except from BUSH
  • 29. About the Author

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