A Different Form of Oxygen by Ashlynn Mills

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Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

After I put my trust in the hands of the wrong person and got hurt, I vowed to never let anyone else get that close again. Then I met Gavin Bentley, and everything changed. One night of pure bliss wakes up a apart of me I thought was lost forever. I was so afraid to let him into my life, and now I don’t think I’ll be able to keep him out of my heart. He wants us just to be friends, but memories of that night are making it impossible. I can’t help but think maybe it’s safer this way. If Gavin discovers the past I’ve been running from, I’m sure he’ll run, too.

With my heart ripped in two, I wandered into a nightclub and shared an unforgettable encounter with a beautiful dancer hiding behind a mask. I never thought I’d share a night of passion like that again but with Ben Gonzalez I discover much more than passion. He healed my heart, brought me back to life, and I see the future I’ve always wanted with him by my side. But as much as I want him, I don’t want to risk our new friendship. Having Ben in my life as a friend is better than not having him at all.

Will two men afraid to love and trust again be able to find in each other what was lost to heartache and betrayal? Or will someone from one of their pasts show up and rip it all away?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Seventeen
  • 2. Eighteen
  • 3. Nineteen
  • 4. Twenty
  • 5. Twenty-one
  • 6. Twenty-two
  • 7. Twenty-three
  • 8. Twenty-Four
  • 9. Twenty-Five
  • 10. Twenty-six
  • 11. Twenty- seven
  • 12. Twenty-nine
  • 13. Twenty-nine
  • 14. Thirty
  • 15. Thirty-one
  • 16. Twenty-two
  • 17. Twenty-three
  • 18. Twenty-four
  • 19. Twenty-five
  • 20. Twenty-six
  • 21. Twenty-seven
  • 22. Twenty-eight
  • 23. Twenty-nine
  • 24. Thirty
  • 25. Thirty-one
  • 26. Epilogue
  • 27. Prologue
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