A Circle of Crows by Kelsey Kingsley

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Nothing ever happens in Fort Crow, Scotland, or so Inspector Alec Brodie thinks. But when the body of a tourist is found in the woods, the detective begins to see that things aren’t all that they seem in the sleepy little town, especially when the murder is ruled as an accident. With raised suspicion, Alec now has to wonder, who is trying to cover up the killing of Grace Allan?

Realizing he can’t trust anybody, Inspector Brodie sets out to solve the mystery on his own, until he meets Rosie Allan, a woman determined to help catch her sister’s killer. Stubborn and set in his ways, Alec is reluctant to accept her assistance, but Rosie is persistent, not to mention beautiful, and he finds her impossible to refuse.

Together, they begin to uncover the dark secrets hidden within the small Scottish town, and with those secrets, they find answers. But can they solve the mystery without getting themselves killed—or worse, falling in love?

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