Two Truths and a Lie by Liv Hendrix

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He’s the best man in her older brother’s wedding. She’s been burnt by what she thought was love before. But when they’re stuck together in an old barn for the night, will they find out the real truth about their feelings?

For ten months I thought I was over a kiss that never happened. I justified it was the champagne that bubbled up the moment. Not love.
But now Nick and I are alone together for the first time since that winter night, heading to my brother’s wedding rehearsal.
He might be my brother’s annoying best friend, but he’s also the tall, charming heartthrob that only exist in small towns like this.
We only have three hours to find out if it really was the champagne or if there’s something here worth risking another heartbreak for.

Kate slipped through my fingers when I didn’t kiss her on that cold kitchen floor. I thought I’d be able to let her go after all this time.
But as soon as she straps into my passenger seat, I can’t let the night end without telling her how I feel.
Her fierce green-eyed stare and playful humor is enough to make me want to make up for lost time.
She’s been hurt before and I have to do this right.

Can I prove to Kate that what we have is worth the risk, or will she continue to believe the lie that all guys are the same?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. CHAPTER 1
  • 4. CHAPTER 2
  • 5. CHAPTER 3
  • 6. CHAPTER 4
  • 7. CHAPTER 5
  • 8. CHAPTER 6

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