The Rossi Crime Family Series by J.L. Beck

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Dark, twisted, gripping and filled to the brim with steam meet the men of the Rossi Crime Family. Five men that love with their whole hearts, that will do anything to protect what is theirs. The mafia may own their souls but theirs one woman that owns each of their hearts.

Book 1- Convict Me
She was a shy little virgin, looking to rebel.
I was a bad accident waiting to happen. I’m the bad boy your parents warn you about, and the fact that I did time in prison doesn’t help my case. Elyse should stay away from me, with a past like mine the only I can do is hurt her.

Book 2- Protect Me
She needs me. When she finds her brother dead in her apartment she comes to me. I’m the only person who can protect her, save her from my brother, but in the mafia there are conditions and to keep her safe I have to make her my wife.

Book 3- Keep Me
She’s looking for her sister. I’m looking for revenge. Taking her was meant to hurt my father until I find out she’s an innocent caught in the tangled web of the mafia. But she knows my secret and that makes her dangerous. Do I kill her or let her into my heart?

Book 4- Guard Me
Brought in for an auction there’s no way I can keep the girl with soft eyes, and a caring smile. The mafia owns me and betraying them means death for both of us. But I have to have her… I have to save her.

Book 5- Tame Me
My brother saved her life and shoved into my arms. I’m the last thing this angel needs. I’m the devil, seconds away from falling off the edge. I don’t deserve her, but that doesn’t mean I’m letting her go. Her past is coming for her and I’ll be damned if I let them get their hands on her again.

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