The Mortal Coil: Medousa & Perseus by Eris Adderly

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Medousa is Vengeance. Medousa is the Bane of Men.

Marble statues appear on the streets where the gorgon hunts down men who would prey on women. If the sons of man will not yield respect, Medousa will teach them to fear.
Perseus is the Destroyer. Perseus is the Golden Son.
The mercenary son of Zeus seeks no help from his absent sire. He would make his own reputation, without kneeling to beg favor from Olympos.
When a tyrant king demands Perseus bring back the head of the gorgon Medousa, the price of failure becomes more than his reputation. More than he can ever hope to bear.

Medousa is a daughter of the old gods, fast and sleek and terrible. Against such strength and cunning, what hope could the warrior have? What weapon could strike out faster than the curse of the stone, should Perseus meet her eye?

His arrogance appalls her. How dare this son of Olympos set foot on the gorgon’s island?
Another hero, come to collect a trophy? Medousa would pitch his stone carcass over the edge of a cliff. But would he learn anything? No.
The Bane of Men would have him cower and tremble. She would have him crawl and beg.
Medousa will seal this hero’s fate.
But first … she will break him.

The Mortal Coil is a viper’s nest of cruelty, vengeance, and redemption. Mortals avoid the island of the gorgones—like this dark tale, it is no place for the faint of heart. Step foot ashore, but beware: danger lives here. And she does not like trespassers.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Acknowledgments
  • 4. From the Author
  • 5. I Sacrifice
  • 6. II Savior
  • 7. III Gorgon
  • 8. IV Reflection
  • 9. V Crash
  • 10. VI Trespass
  • 11. VII Crawl
  • 12. VIII Serve
  • 13. IX Labyrinth
  • 14. X Forge
  • 15. XI Surrender
  • 16. XII Assassin
  • 17. XIII Destroyer
  • 18. XIV Offering
  • 19. XV Adamant
  • 20. XVI Rift
  • 21. XVII Reckoning
  • 22. XVIII Unbreakable
  • 23. XIX Together
  • 24. XX Legend
  • 25. Epilogue
  • 26. Back Matter

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