The Lady’s Demon by Kamryn Foxe

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I was warned about men like him. Charming, handsome, seductive. The man of my dreams. A man of my dreams. He comes to me at night, tempting me with his wicked words as he whispers a world of pleasure into my innocent ears.
His burning eyes, his knowing smile. The promises that fall from his sensuous lips… it awakens something inside me. A yearning for more, a yearning for him.
And since he is just a dream, what’s the harm in exploring?
But when the lines of reality blur, when the dream shatters and I find a monster staring back at me instead of a man, how far will my temptation lead?
He may be a demon, a creature borne of nightmares rather than dreams, but as he sheds his human mask and reveals the truth within, my desire for him only grows. He is, after all, my demon.
The Lady’s Demon is a short and steamy monster romance about a repressed Victorian lady and her not-quite-human lover. There are unusual appendages, ripped bodices, and a guarantee of delightfully wicked dreams upon reading.

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