The Billionaire’s New Life by Carrie Ann Hope

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A year ago, Mark Damon was the ringleader of the Park Avenue Bad Boys — partying hard, with a different beautiful woman on his arm almost every night. Then he hit rock bottom and spent three months in rehab. He’s home now, and coming up on six months sober. The question is, where does he go from here? Thanks to his father’s generosity, he’s a billionaire, but he has no job, no purpose in life — until his brother Tom’s wedding planner shows him around the wedding venue.
Molly Curtis loves her job as a wedding planner for New York City’s elite couples. To her delight, her boss has put her in charge of the Damon/Penny wedding, and the happy couple has chosen Molly’s favorite venue for their big event: the historic Schiflin Hotel. Molly is so busy that there’s no time in her life for a relationship, especially with a man who’s just gotten out of rehab. But Mark Damon, the groom’s brother, can’t get enough of exploring the Schiflin — or of spending time with Molly, the only person who seems to see as many possibilities in the old hotel as he does.
Mark has been warned not to get into a relationship during his first year of sobriety, and Molly is more than a little wary of choosing the wrong guy. Can their undeniable attraction to each other and a project they can’t walk away from help them stay together, or will the never-ending “advice” from their friends and family drive them apart?

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Table of Content

  • 1. ONE
  • 2. TWO
  • 3. THREE
  • 4. FOUR
  • 5. FIVE
  • 6. SIX
  • 7. SEVEN
  • 8. EIGHT
  • 9. NINE
  • 10. TEN
  • 11. ELEVEN
  • 12. TWELVE
  • 13. THIRTEEN
  • 14. FOURTEEN
  • 15. FIFTEEN
  • 16. SIXTEEN
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