Teacher’s Pet by Claire Adams


Tessa Donovan’s grades have never been less than impeccable, and by default, she’s always been the teacher’s pet. Yet it’s during her junior year of college that she finds, for the first time, her grades are slipping. If she doesn’t maintain a perfect GPA, her wealthy parents, who are paying for college and all her living expenses, will cut her off.

After getting fired from his previous job at a magazine for sleeping with the boss’s wife, Leo Rochman begrudgingly takes a teaching job. It’s monotonous, and he hates it—until Tessa approaches him one day to ask about extra credit. Leo makes her an offer he’s sure she’ll refuse, except she doesn’t, and they embark on a thrilling, illicit affair. Thing seem like they might actually work out, until Tessa starts receiving anonymous letters demanding that she do various school assignments or risk her relationship with Leo being exposed. Tessa has no idea how she’ll handle the extra workload, on top of everything else, but unless she wants her entire college career to be derailed by this, she’s got to find a way to make it work.

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