Stealing Valentine by Madison Faye

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I came to rob diamonds,
But now I’m *stealing her too*…I’ve spent my life taking what I want, even if it doesn’t belong to me. Stealing the infamous Whistler diamonds is supposed to be my last job before I can retire wealthy beyond imagination, and I’ve planned for everything…Everything except for her.Valentine is like nothing I’ve ever known before. Good, young, sweet, and alluring—with curves and an innocence far more tempting than any vault or priceless art. I didn’t plan on her, and I sure as shit didn’t plan on the diamonds I’m supposed to steal being draped around her neck.…So I’m taking her too.
But when I lay my hands on the gorgeous little tease squirming against me, and with one taste of that sassy mouth, I’m lost. And when I find out she’s never been touched?Well, that’s something else I’ll be stealing too.I know she’s off limits. I know this breaks every one of my rules. I know I don’t give a shit aboutany of that.Claiming her cherry is going to be the sweetest sin. But stealing her heart is going to be the greatest heist this thief ever pulled…

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  • Original TitleStealing Valentine
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  • Date2019-02-09
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Table of Content

  • 1. Copyright
  • 2. Mailing List
  • 3. Chapter 1
  • 4. Chapter 2
  • 5. Chapter 3
  • 6. Chapter 4
  • 7. Chapter 5
  • 8. Chapter 6
  • 9. Chapter 7
  • 10. Chapter 8
  • 11. Chapter 9
  • 12. Chapter 10
  • 13. Chapter 11
  • 14. Chapter 12
  • 15. Chapter 13
  • 16. Epilogue
  • 17. Also by Madison Faye
  • 18. Mailing List
  • 19. About the Author
  • 20. Copyright Notice

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