Stalking My Mate by Stormy Glenn

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I was stalking my mate and I had good reason. He was bonded to someone else, but that didn’t absolve me of my duty to him, or my obsession. Making sure he was happy and safe, even if it wasn’t with me, was just something I had to do. When I discovered he wasn’t, all bets were off.


I’d given up the dream of a mate in exchange for the life of my son. It was an exchange I willingly gave to have Tommy with me. When our lives were threatened, escaping with Tommy was my only option. I just wasn’t sure where we were going to escape to or who could help us, but someone had to. I’d already lost my mate. I couldn’t lose my son.

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Table of Content

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    • Chapter One
    • Chapter Two
    • Chapter Three
    • Chapter Four
    • Chapter Five
    • Chapter Six
    • Chapter Seven
    • Chapter Eight
    • Chapter Nine
    • Chapter Ten
    • Chapter Eleven
    • Chapter Twelve
    • Chapter Thirteen
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