Signed, SEALed, Delivered by Jaime Russell

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Gabrielle “Ella” Marks grew up with a strict upbringing by her minister parents. She still has love and respect for her parents but vowed to live a life that makes her happy. Ella took off from her small-town life to the big city. Years later, she returns home to live life with the best of both worlds. When Ella’s mother visits her at the office of the perfume company that she designs for with a letter from the Outreach Mission Program called Letters to Love. Ella couldn’t say no. Ella didn’t know that day her life would be forever changed.

Zachary “Zack” Sanders is a Lieutenant in the Navy SEALs. Zack’s a single father of a ten a year old boy, and with the help of his cousin Kelly, Alec lives a perfectly normal life. Zack signs up as a penpal through a local church that a fellow soldier suggested to him. He starts corresponding with this smart mouth woman who makes him laugh. Zack didn’t know that day his life would be forever changed.
The two realize that they live fairly close to each other, they make a plan to meet when he’s on his way home from his deployment. When they meet fireworks fly. Ella and Alec have an instant connection. The day is perfect until an unwanted phone call changes everything. Zack gets the call that he’s being deployed earlier than expected, as in tomorrow. Ella and Zack have less than twenty-four hours together, so they decide to make the most of it.

While Zack is off on his secret mission Ella, Alec and Kelly become closer than ever. Zack and Ella try to call or send each other a text every day. Until Kelly calls Ella with news that shakes her entire foundation.
Can Ella be the woman that Zack needs?
Can Zack be the man that Ella needs?

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