Riptide by Pandora Pine

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Reeling from a HIV scare that sent him into retirement, former gay porn star, Drake DeMelo, aka Damien Lovecock, is looking for a fresh start. Wanting to get as far away from his old life in California as possible, Drake packs his car and heads to Cape Cod.
Presley Forrester, day manager of Sand Dollar Shoal, wasn’t expecting to find a handsome man soaked to the skin pounding on his door late one night. With the grand reopening of the hotel fast approaching, Pres needs all the extra hands he can get. He hires the mysterious but handsome man to do odd jobs.

Presley and Drake are undeniably drawn to each other, but as they get closer, Drake keeps his past a secret, not wanting anything to ruin his newfound happiness. When a hotel guest recognizes Drake during the masquerade ball to celebrate the reopening of the hotel, the new life he has built comes crashing down around him.

Will Presley forgive Drake’s deception and accept his past, or will their love be torn out from under them by a vicious riptide?

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