Petal Mine by Kay Maree

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That’s what my life was about, I could never see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I was lost.
Oh, so hungry.
I laid eyes on him. All six feet, two inches of him. Dark cropped black hair and piercing silver eyes. Eyes which shone like a light to lead me the way home.
My chest tightened. My dirty hands became sweaty. I needed to fight against whatever this was. I needed to run but, I was too weak.
Nico was a bright light piercing the dark and he was either going to brighten my world or leave me alone and cold in the darkness.

I didn’t need anything in my life. I had the love of my brothers who stood beside me and more women than I could count at my beck and call.
I first laid eyes on her.
So fragile.
Dirt stained her skin.
Her clothes were tattered and torn.
None of it hid how beautiful and delicate she was.
The moment her hazel eyes locked with mine, I felt something shift, the Earth titled on its axis.
She became an addiction. My addiction. I wanted…, needed my fix and I wouldn’t rest until she was mine.
Nico: I will fight every one of her demons even if it takes me to my knees.

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