Passion by Bella Mannaro

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Reilly’s life in human-ruled Manusia centered around college, his best friend DJ, and irritating his father until he attended an anti-war demonstration in the hopes of preventing a war with neighboring shifter-ruled Forandria. What started as a peaceful protest ended in a chaos after a bomb exploded and Reilly landed in the arms of Sean, an enigmatic Alpha. Separated during the commotion, Reilly couldn’t get Sean out of his mind.

Despite his unwillingness to accept the concept of true mates, Reilly couldn’t deny an all-consuming attraction to Sean. Luckily for Reilly, Sean believed Reilly was destined to be his Omega. Sean, however, lives a secretive and dangerous life with a deadly mission ahead of him. His mission could threaten the tenuous peace between Manusia and Forandria. It may threaten any relationship Sean and Reilly might have in their future, but even worse, Sean’s mission could potentially destroy Reilly’s life.

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