My Naughty Boss by Charlotte Grace


Lucas Chandler—rich as sin and completely unattainable.A nightmare for the press. It’s my job to clean up his image. I love a challenge.Small problem: my panties melt the second I’m in the same room with him.Even worse, it happens every time he’s near me.There’s a reason he has a reputation as a heart breaker.One kiss, and I’m done for.

Don’t get involved.That’s one of my rules.I got burned once. Never again.I didn’t get to be a world-renowned tech investor by being foolish.Yet, Sophia Dawson makes me all kinds of foolish.With her auburn hair, those freckles I want to kiss, and her delectable body, she nearly brings me to my knees.It’s a dangerous game.Will a few nights burn the fire between us to ashes? Or will the fire turn into an inferno?

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Table of Content

  • 1. My Naughty Boss
  • 2. Copyright and Disclaimer
  • 3. More From Charlotte
  • 4. About The Author
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