Moving On by Ashton Cade

My family gets the best of me. But sometimes they get on my nerves something awful. Always on my case about dating and finding someone to love, when they should know better than anyone else that I don’t deserve any of that. Not anymore. Ever since I lost Gerry in the war, all of a sudden people think they can speak for him—but they’re saying I should move on, forget him. That that’s what he’d want. But they don’t know how badly I betrayed him. How I left him when he needed me the most. It was Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and when he died, I took it to heart. When it comes to love, I’ll never ask or tell again.
Trouble is, now Shane is in town and the way he makes me feel, it’s hard to resist wanting to shout it from the rooftops. But I won’t hurt another man the way I hurt Gerry—and when moving on is just another betrayal, the only way to do that is to not engage.

When I left corporate life to do something more meaningful, the last thing I thought I would find is love. But along comes Trevor Rainier. He’s not only gorgeous and fun, but he’s deeply compelling—there’s more there than meets the eye, and what meets the eye is, well, let’s say, delicious. He’s helping me build my retreat for veterans, but he’s keeping me guessing… the guy is blowing hot and cold so much so that I end up practically chasing him around Umberland just to get some answers. But just when things finally seem to be going right, our hiking trip goes tragically wrong, and even through my pain I can see he’s triggered. The situation’s forcing us together, but he’s keeping me at a distance. Can he ever move on from his past and see what’s standing in front of him?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. 1. Trevor
  • 5. 2. Shane
  • 6. 3. Trevor
  • 7. 4. Shane
  • 8. 5. Trevor
  • 9. 6. Shane
  • 10. 7. Trevor
  • 11. 8. Shane
  • 12. 9. Trevor
  • 13. 10. Shane
  • 14. 11. Trevor
  • 15. 12. Shane
  • 16. 13. Trevor
  • 17. 14. Shane
  • 18. 15. Trevor
  • 19. 16. Shane
  • 20. 17. Trevor
  • 21. 18. Shane
  • 22. 19. Trevor
  • 23. 20. Shane
  • 24. Epilogue
  • 25. Excerpt from Burning Up
  • 26. About the Author
  • 27. Also by Ashton Cade
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