Mister Prick by Scott Hildreth

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Jess has two weaknesses: a good martini and a confident man. She’s also got a big problem: if she doesn’t sell a car in the next two days, she’s going to be evicted from her apartment. When Vince Devoe walks into the dealership, she’s drawn to his confident strut and handsome looks. During a test drive in a $140,000 BMW, she prays that he buys it so she can pay her rent.

When he tosses enough money into her lap to pay for the car in cash, she raises a cautionary eyebrow.When he offers to buy her a celebratory drink, she eagerly accepts. Little does she know, Vince Devoe doesnt earn his money legitimately, and he only drinks one kind of drink. Martinis.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 3. Jessica
  • 4. Vince
  • 5. Also by Scott Hildreth
  • 6. About the Author
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