Love in an Ice Cream Shop by A.L. Miller

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Riley’s relationship is crumbling, and her new business isn’t doing much better. Then a gorgeous pub owner moves next door turning her world on its axis.

Everything is going perfect with my new ice cream shop, minus the lack of customers and the jerk who just opened a pub next door. The pub just may be bad for bussiness and he just may be bad for my sanity.
He drives me crazy in both the worse and best ways with his perfect smile, odd charm and arrogant remarks. He has a way of making an insult seem like a compliment and there are times where I’m not sure if I want to slap him or kiss him. Avery Michaels will be the death of me and he already has me feeling like I’m in hell.

Everything is going great with the new pub until I realize it’s right next door to an ice cream shop. I want to be annoyed about the situation but the cute little blonde standing outside the shop has me more curious than anything. I could say it’s her ice cream that has me coming back for more when deep down inside I know it’s so much more than that, but no way will I let her know that. I loved making her hot and bothered and I keep wondering what it would be like to see her skin flushed in other situations that didn’t involve her being angry with me. Only I’m not sure I will ever get the chance because girls like Riley don’t go for guys like me.
When a small town girl is forced to play nice with an arrogant City guy for the sake of her business, will they be able to find away to make it work or will they only grow to hate each other more? Maybe the tension and strong feelings they have for each other are derived from a place other than spite, maybe it’s something else entirely. Something neither one of them knew they needed or wanted until their worlds collide making them have to make other decisions that didn’t have a single thing to do with business.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Three
  • 2. Four
  • 3. Five
  • 4. Six
  • 5. Seven
  • 6. Eight
  • 7. Nine
  • 8. Ten
  • 9. Avery
  • 10. Eleven
  • 11. Twelve
  • 12. Thirteen
  • 13. Thirteen
  • 14. Fourteen
  • 15. Sixteen
  • 16. Seventeen
  • 17. Eighteen
  • 18. Nineteen
  • 19. Twenty
  • 20. Twenty-one
  • 21. Twenty-Two
  • 22. Twenty-three
  • 23. Epilogue
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