Keep Away by Jillian Liota

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Nursing student Charlie Davenport has never gotten over her freshman year fling with her best friend’s older brother. Sure, she’s enjoyed her time at Glendale College – maybe a little too much. But for some reason, he’s always been in the back of her mind.But even though she’s sure their flame would still burn hot four years later, she doesn’t appreciate his sudden and relentless presence in her life. Because he’s suddenly ready to pick things back up, she should drop everything? She doesn’t think so.That man is one mistake she can’t make again.

Professional soccer player Jeremy Jameson has hit a serious road bump in life. Miraculously, his poor decisions have opened the door to rekindling things with his sister’s best friend, Charlie – the only woman that has ever made him consider a relationship.He doesn’t believe he’ll ever be worthy of her, but he can’t let her slip through his fingers again. And as he realizes its time to make some much needed changes in his life, he recruits Charlie to help. Hopefully along the way, he can convince her to give him another chance.Jeremy knows Charlie thinks it’s a mistake to start things up again, but he also knows that’s just not true.The real mistake was letting her go.

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