Iron Sinners (Sinners Never Die #1) by H.J. Bellus

Griff, aka Grizz, the ideal Iron Sinner, rides hard and dedicates his all to the club.

A job needs done…he does it.
Men idolize him.
Women love him.

Never shy and always up for a good time, Grizz finds himself jumping from mattress to mattress and digging grave after grave. You want to take a bullet? Cross the club.

One night, rival MC, Devil’s Idol, do just that. Grizz and Animal are sent to straighten shit out while leaving no witnesses. What Grizz faces that night changes his life forever…

Piper Jones is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The ruthless business woman, finds herself captive by the MC club. But she’s not one to go down without a fight.

She slowly destroys Grizz, from his bad boy persona, to his ride or die motto. He should want nothing more than to do away with her with a single bullet. Instead, he finds himself giving his all just to be with her.

Will Grizz be able to walk away from the one thing he swore he never wanted?

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  • Original TitleIron Sinners
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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Chapter 1
  • 3. Chapter 2
  • 4. Chapter 3
  • 5. Chapter 4
  • 6. Chapter 5
  • 7. Chapter 6
  • 8. Chapter 7
  • 9. Chapter 8
  • 10. Chapter 9
  • 11. Chapter 10
  • 12. Chapter 11
  • 13. Chapter 12
  • 14. Epilogue

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