Hot Cross Buns by Penn Rivers

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Hers are hot all right. I know, because I’ve spent days at her beck and call, hoping to catch her attention. She thinks I’m a cabana boy. False. But I’ll let her think whatever she wants as long as I get to bask in her sunshine.
Maisy’s not like the normal resort guest who comes to Ember Island looking for the “D” in damn good time. Even though I’m trying like hell to show her one. A good time, that is.
She’s a feisty, curvy queen with a crown of hair as red as a sunset. Her fair skin begs for my lips… and SPF 50. If she needed shade, I’d stand in front of her for hours. Actually, I did.
My summertime girl is here for three weeks and then she’s gone. But I’ve got a plan to win her over. For good. Because these Hot Cross Buns are mine.

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