Falling Hard by Nichole Rose

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He’s a mystery she can’t wait to solve. She’s a challenge he’s desperate to win. When a spring storm strands them together, a secretive author and his feisty journalist will go all in.

Stella Quinn:
Once upon a time, Adrian Kane was a football legend.
He now owns a small newspaper and writes romance novels.
He never leaves his little slice of paradise.
He’s a mystery I’m dying to solve.
I’m an annoyance he’d rather forget.
Until I show up at his place during a fierce storm and fall right into his arms.
Now, my job isn’t the only thing on the line.
My heart is too.

Adrian Kane:
Stella Quinn is relentless in her quest to get me to talk.
She’s also a curvy goddess I can’t get off my mind.
She wants to share my sad story with the world.
I’d rather forget it ever happened.
Before she turned up on my doorstep, I thought I wanted her to leave.
Now I have to convince her to stay.
My past didn’t kill me, but losing her will.
And in a town like Spring, Florida, there’s always another man waiting to step in.
They can’t have this one. She’s mine.

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Table of Content

  • 1. About the Book
  • 2. Chapter One
  • 3. Chapter Two
  • 4. Chapter Three
  • 5. Chapter Four
  • 6. Chapter Five
  • 7. Chapter Six
  • 8. Chapter Seven
  • 9. Chapter Eight
  • 10. Chapter Nine
  • 11. Epilogue
  • 12. The Billionaire's Big Bold Wish
  • 13. Also Available
  • 14. About Nichole Rose

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