Dragon Blood by S.A. Ravel

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A skinwalker with a mythic imprint. A dragon gone to ground. A horrifying threat with ties that run blood deep.

For the second time in her life, Sanaa Chavez finds herself on the wrong side of the Elder Council. In a world where good standing with the tribe is a matter of survival, that is not a safe place to be. Things only get worse when a dark walker starts hunting Sanaa’s baby for the dragon blood that flows in her veins. To make matters worse, hunter happens to be Sanaa’s estranged mother, Niabe. Her daughter’s future, her position in the clan, her very life depend on secrets she swore never to tell. All of her hopes lie in the dragon who fathered her baby, but the Dragon in the Mountain’s aid comes with a price.

Ronin Nori took his leave from the world after the devastating loss of his wife, Evette. Now he lives a solitary life, playing god to the Bloodbone Skinwalkers. In ten years of solitude, only one woman tempted Ronin’s fiery Heat. To protect Sanaa and his child, Ronin must complete an ancient rite of passage and settle old hurts. His heart isn’t his to give, but a dragon doesn’t walk away from his spawn…or his mate.

When the kidnapping attempts intensify, Ronin and Sanaa use every tool in their arsenal to bring Niabe to justice. The only question now is which will take them first: the battle or the Heat?

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  • Original Title:Dragon Blood: A Powyrworld Urban Fantasy Romance (The Lost Dragon Princes Book 4)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Your FREE Book
  • 2. Welcome to Powyrworld
  • 3. Glossary
  • 4. Chapter 1
  • 5. Chapter 2
  • 6. Chapter 3
  • 7. Chapter 4
  • 8. Chapter 5
  • 9. Chapter 6
  • 10. Chapter 7
  • 11. Chapter 8
  • 12. Chapter 9
  • 13. Chapter 10
  • 14. Chapter 11
  • 15. Chapter 12
  • 16. Chapter 13
  • 17. Chapter 14
  • 18. Dragon Star: Sneak Peek
  • 19. Dragon Claimed: Sneak Peek
  • 20. Dragon Mob: Sneak Peek
  • 21. Alpha Unmasked
  • 22. About the Author
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