Dirty Mechanic by Sam Crescent

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Tyler Hard has wanted Eliza for a long time. But taking over his father’s business, building his home, and most of all not knowing what she wanted, meant he never acted on his feelings for her. When she accidentally leaves her diary after dropping her car off to be repaired, he has no intention of reading it—but the temptation is too much, and now at last he has the key to her desires.
Eliza has always had a crush on the town mechanic. He’d been the star guy in high school, and featured in all of her fantasies. She was the frumpy librarian. There was no way any guy would ever fall for her…

The moment Tyler touches her, Eliza can’t deny the attraction that sizzles between them. After years of yearning for him, he’s in her bed, and showing her all kinds of dirty things that she has only imagined. Each day she falls in love with him a little more.
But what will happen when she discovers the diary that he’s been reading?

Can she trust him again?
Was their romance ever real?

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