Demon Slain by Jewel Killian

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What do you get when you shove demon magic into a human?
A big flippin’ mess, that’s what.
Prophecy girl or not, someone didn’t think this through.
All this speed and strength. All this magic to wield, and my frail form—however reinforced, however bolstered by the four strands of magic coiling through my veins—simply can’t keep up with the energy demands placed on it.
So, I glamour the sunken cheeks and purple smudges away. The last thing I need is my horde benching me because I’m human. I have to save Emma and I will see the realms returned to normal regardless of the cost.
Think they’ll find out anyway? You bet your bottom they will.
We meet the Blood King in five days and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Human or not.

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