Daddy’s Billionaire Lawyer by Haley Travis

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My first genuinely naughty experience was a few stolen kisses with a sexy masked man in the rose garden. I would never have expected to start a relationship with a hot billionaire.
Working for my father as a tour guide at the historical Emmensby House was the perfect job. But it was also expected of me. I’d never done anything purely for myself… until now.
I didn’t intend to fall for an older man, especially not an old university buddy of Dad’s. But Grady volunteered to help save the house from legal issues, which was likely an excuse to spend time with me.
Every time he touched me, I felt electrified until my body was begging for more. We grew close so quickly, but things were sure to fall apart when Dad found out.
I knew he’d find out someday, but not at the worst possible time – just when I was trying to figure out if Grady was truly the man I belonged with forever.

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Table of Content

  • 1. HT - Daddy's Billionaire Lawyer
  • 2. Daddy's Billionaire Lawyer
  • 3. Age Gap Instalove Romance
    • ***
  • 4. Never Date The Boss  Age Gap Instalove Romance
  • 5. Ashley was talked into one little “business date” with her boss, and everything changed in a heartbeat. Or rather, a flutter of them.
  • 6. Never Tease The Boss  Age Gap Instalove Romance
  • 7. Meeting Mr. Wentworth with his huge hands around my bare waist wasn’t exactly classy. Then I made matters worse by teasing him. But this striking, sexy man wanted to ignore the rules...
  • 8. Fake Summer Boyfriend Age Gap Instalove Romance
  • 9. Fake Summer Wife Age Gap Instalove Romance
    • ***

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