Big Bratva by Cassie Mint

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She’s dropped on my doorstep with a burlap sack on her head.
The diplomat’s daughter. The one they’re all looking for.
Keep her safe. That’s what my brother tells me. Not because he cares for the girl, but because she’s his leverage. His ticket to the big time.
I got myself out of this city’s underworld over a year ago, and with one knock on my door, I’m dragged right back in.
I should tell him no. Should toss her out on the street. But the second I lay eyes on her, something inside me screams that she’s mine to protect.
It’s nonsense, of course. I can’t let her get close. Sweet, innocent girls like her have no business with brutes like me.
I’ll hold her for a few days; I’ll get my brother his big break.
Then I’ll forget she was ever here.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Keep in touch with Cassie!
  • 2. 1. Ilya
  • 3. 2. Madison
  • 4. 3. Ilya
  • 5. 4. Madison
  • 6. 5. Ilya
  • 7. 6. Madison
  • 8. 7. Ilya
  • 9. 8. Madison
  • 10. 9. Ilya
  • 11. 10. Madison
  • 12. 11. Ilya
  • 13. Teaser: Big Beast
  • 14. About the Author

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Soul Less
Soul Less

Meh Ilya is too much of a good guy for an ex bratva

Reply5 days ago
    Anastasia Sullivan
    Anastasia Sullivan


    Reply8 days ago