Bad Girl by Angel Devlin


I’m tired of being a good girl.
My love life is non-existent and now my best friend wants to set me up with a nice guy.
I want a man to push me against the wall with unbridled lust, not tell me stories about fluffy kittens.
Then the message comes from my old sorority president

“Remember, ladies. Do it. Whatever it is you want to do. Wherever you have wanted to go. Whatever you want to try, to taste, to feel, to live… do it. This is our year.”

It’s New Years eve, the night is young, and so am I. It’s time to let my hair down. This girl is going bad and she needs a bad boy to see the New Year in with. And there’s one at the bar…

Book Details

  • File Namebad-girl-by-angel-devlin.epub
  • Original TitleRESOLUTION: BAD GIRL
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  • Languageen
  • Identifier3419464226
  • Date2019-01-13
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Prologue
  • 4. Chapter 1
  • 5. Chapter 2
  • 6. Chapter 3
  • 7. Chapter 4
  • 8. Chapter 5
  • 10. Book Hangover Lounge
  • 11. About the Author
  • 12. More Books by the Author
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